The Fight the Fear Campaign is excited to announce that we are now in partnership with The WAVE Foundation (Women Against Violence Everywhere).   This partnership will allow us to expand our footprint as we continue to empower youth throughout Western Washington. Our new, joint program is called Discover Your Power.  Look for us in a school or university near you!

The Mission:  To make self-defense, sexual assault awareness and relationship violence education easily accessible because the skills and confidence that it builds are a proven deterrent to violence.

The Method:  Our workshops are run by experienced instructors who provide the most up-to-date and useful training, tailoring each workshop to serve the specific, focused needs of different populations.

The Campaign:  We are currently providing frequent and diverse workshops for all ages and genders. We offer a strong component of sexual assault awareness and prevention, especially for young women, as well as curricula designed specifically for co-ed middle school students and college men and women.


The WAVE Foundation

The Looking Out Foundation

Tom Douglas

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